Tap / Vox debugger- Item 126
secure phone,safe phone,vox debugger

The Tap / VOX debugger debugs telephone bugging and tapping attempts.

It is small enough to attach beside any phone .

The Tap / VOX debugger debugs ...

The Tap / VOX debugger consists of two independent Electronic circuitry:

VOX debugger - operates when the phone handset is on hook - a red LED is on indicating A continuous tone Is fed through your telephone line, Eliminating voice activated recordings connected at any Extension. Voice activated telephone tape recorders will run Constantly, filling the tape.

After you install the Tap / VOX debugger it is impossible to "Set up" a VOX telephone tape recorder.

Line debugging - operates when handset is off hook - The Green LED will light upon picking up The handset, Indicating the "line guard" mode is on. Automatically adjusts The phone line voltage in A way that only the Phone connected to the Tap / VOX debugger will Function.

Price: 190 US $
secure phone,safe phone,vox debugger

Any attempt to bug your line with Line transmitters or Voltage activated devices will cause no dial Tone or / and the green LED on the Tap / VOX debugger is off.

No batteries needed . Powered by telephone line current.

LED's indicating proper operation.

Doesn't interfere to the function of phone devices on the same line.

Protected from high voltage during ring operation.

Easy to install, simply connect it between your phone and the telephone socket .

secure phone,secure calls,safe phone
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